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Paul Matalucci, flower farmer

I've been a flower floozie since I was a boy, first on the outskirts of London where I was born, and later, starting at the age of 10, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


In high school I grew and hybridized tall bearded iris in my back yard. In my early 20s, I found ways to grow potted plants in dingy apartments and dreamed of my future garden. In my 30s and 40s, while I lived and worked in San Francisco, I made magic in my postage-stamp gardens and became a UC-certified Master Gardener in 2015.

In August of 2017, my husband Tom and I drove up to Oregon to view the eclipse from the east Oregon town of Unity. The trip changed our lives. On the drive back to Portland, we stayed at an Airbnb in Parkdale and awoke to the sight of Mount Hood. We decided that it was where we wanted to live.

We bought Apple Core Farm in July 2018, and I turned my life-long passion into a full-time endeavor. I couldn't be happier than spending my days thinking about, growing, and sharing what I love with all my heart. I hope my flowers bring as much joy to others as they bring me. 

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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