Flower Flight 5 (12 weeks)

Flower Flight 5 (12 weeks)

We've hand-crafted beautiful flight vases to include in our Flower Flight Subscription Series. Choose an 8- or 12-week subscription series and receive your vase with the first delivery.


No floral design experience required. Just fill the vials with fresh water and slip in a stem. Be creative, too. Mix and match. Add foliage, or not. Follow us on Instagram for flight ideas: @applecorefarm.


Your elegant flower vase will last for years. We'd love to see your beautiful combinations, so DM us on Instagram!


Note: Receive your flight vase with your first weekly flowers, which are available at two convenient pick-up locations in Hood River: Lucy's Informal Flowers (315 Oak Street) and Wy'east Vinyards (3189 Hwy 35).


Orders placed by Dec 20 receive a special printed gift card to be included in your holiday gift giving. Your flight vase and first flowers will be available for pick-up starting May 2022 when the spring bloom of heirloom narcissus, tulips, and dutch iris begins.