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DIY Wedding Flowers, Foliage, and Support

Your Beautiful Day

What could be more joyful
than gathering your wedding flowers from a local farm?


We love DIY brides. Our joy is helping you create beautiful memories.

We can harvest and condition everything for you, or warmly invite you to the farm to pick your own flowers, or any combination!

Bring your mom,
maid/matron of honor, best friend or child and enjoy a morning
or evening of harvesting your flowers, with guidance and flower talk with Paul.

Use our workshop space (25’ x 20’) and walk-in cooler to assemble/store your bouquets and centerpieces, with Paul on-call for assistance, $200/day.

Pricing: $20/bunch for most flowers and foliage, $3 to $5/stem for specialty blooms, like dahlias, peonies, roses, ranunculus, hydrangea, etc.

Can't wait to hear from you!


"This was a special experience that I shared with my niece, and I know I will never forget. Paul is lovely, and Apple Core Farm is a special place."

Ashley L.

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